Monday, August 5, 2013

Blue Jays Plus Podcast - Episode 20.2

We're back for the 2nd time in two days.  This time we're a little more positive, because we arent talking about the current team, and instead dipping our toes back into the prospect waters in yet another interview with BJP favourite Zach Mortimer.

We talk about a whole bunch of guys, many who are probably a little more under the radar than others we've talked about with Zach in the past.  Also, Zach is plenty ranty in this episode, picking up where Chris & I left off yesterday.

Download - Episode 20.2

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blue Jays Plus Podcast - Episode 20

Its depression week on the show.  This team has finally broken us.

I also talked to Brad Cook from Out of the Park baseball about their fantastic product.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blue Jays Plus Podcast - Episode 19

On this week's podcast we discuss Todd Redmond's surprising recent performance, Colby Rasmus' emergence as an elite level centerfielder, and Adam Lind turning back into a pumpkin.  We also talk the numerous pitchers coming back on rehab.  Finally we have a thrilling interview with "The Garfoose" himself, Sportsnet analyst Dirk Hayhurst

0:00 to 0:15 - Injury//Rehab Updates
0:15 to 0:20 - Todd Redmond
0:20 to 0:25 - Adam Lind
0:25 to 0:32 - Colby Rasmus
0:33 to 1:01 - Dirk Hayhurst Interview
1:02 to 1:05 - Weekly Preview

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blue Jays Plus Podcast - Episode 18

After a triple shot of podcasts last week, we're back to our standard one show this week. 

This week we talk about Brett Lawrie moving back to third base, then spend the majority of the episode looking ahead to the Jays options going into the trading deadline, and then we inviteBaseball Prospectus's Chris King to the show to discuss Jays prospects in Florida, on both their Dunedin & complex league teams.

Music this week is by the great Dire Straits, helmed by one of the most underrated guitarists of all time in Mark Knopfler.


0:02 to 0:10 - Brett Lawrie moving back to third base
0:10 to 0:13 - R.A. Dickey & Mark Buehrle's "overrated" comments
0:14 to 0:19 - Roster moves
0:19 to 0:51 - Trade Deadline preview
0:52 to 1:11 - Interview with BP's Chris King
1:11 to 1:14 - Weekly Preview

 Download - Episode 18

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blue Jays Plus Podcast - Episode 17.3

In our 3rd episode of the week, we settle back into our old formula, and do a more conventional show.

In the main section Chris & I talk about Brett Lawrie's transition to 3rd base, Steve Delbar in the All-Star game, AJ Jimenez in the Futures Game, & Roberto Osuna's continuing injury problems.  Then we interview podcast favourite Zach Mortimer about the Phil Bickford situation.  When we come back from the interview, I wax poetic about the new FX show "The Bridge", and finally we do our weekly preview.  Its great stuff as always.

0:01 to 0:19 - Brett Lawrie to 2nd base
0:19 to 0:21 - Steve Delabar in the All-Star Game
0:22 to 0:27 - AJ Jimenez in the Futures Game
0:27 to 0:31 - Roberto Osuna's Injury issues
0:31 to 1:17 - Zach Mortimer Interview
1:18 to 1:21 - Ewan talks about The Bridge
1:21 to 1:28 - Weekly Preview

Finishing up our Wrassling themed music this week you'll hear the "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase's music coming in (in honour of what Phil Bickford will never be), coming out of the Zach Mortimer interview you'll hear "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's theme due to Rowdy Tellez, and closing out Europe's Final Countdown, which was current WWE star Daniel Bryan's theme on the independent circuit.

The only non-wrestling music we used, was Red Rider's "Big League", which is going to be Zach Mortimer's theme song going forward.

Next week we'll be looking ahead to the Trading Deadline.  Join us wont you?

Download - Episode 17.3

Monday, July 15, 2013

Blue Jays Plus Podcast - Episode 17.2 - Hitter Grades & Ben Lindbergh

Continuing our Mid-Season specials, we move today onto our mid-season hitter grades.

After Chris and I are finished breaking down the 14 hitters we talk about, we conduct a very fascinating interview with Baseball Prospectus' Ben Lindbergh about catcher framing, and the improvements JP Arencibia has made in that realm.

Continuing our musical theme of the week, we use more pro wrestling theme music, this time using Ric Flair, Mr. Perfect, Hulk Hogan & Cactus Jack's theme songs.  The reason for this will be explained tomorrow, when we do our "normal" show.  Keep an eye open for that Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

During our interview with Mr. Lindbergh we refer to a few articles which you may want to check out for your own enlightenment.

1 - An article from Mop Up Duty, that lists JP Arencibia as the 4th best framer in baseball this season.  As we mention the methodolgy in this study is very flawed, but worth taking a look at regardless.

2 - An article from Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs that lists JP Arencibia as the 4th most improved.  This one is more believable, and the methodology seems stronger.

3 - Lastly, Ben mentions many times in the interview a piece that he published at Grantland about framing earlier this year.  Its a very long piece, but if you're interested in the finer points of this new element we are now able to analyse this is the perfect primer.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Episode 17.1 - Mid-Season Pitcher Grades

So as we head into the All-Star Break, us at the Blue Jays Plus Podcast, have decided to take a look back at the season to date.  The way we decided to do this, is to grade each of the players who have made an impact on the team thus far.

This means since we are going through each of the players, that means we've needed to break up the show into three parts.

In part 1, we hang grades on all the pitchers, and then Chris sits down with Shoulder & Elbow expert Eric Cressey.

Tomorrow we'll be back with an interview with Ben Lindbergh, and grades for the hitters.

Wednesday we'll be back with our "Normal" show, with BJP favourite Zach Mortimer talking about the Phil Bickford situation.

If you're interested in more from Eric, check out his website (

Also, all the music for this week (on all 3 episodes) are professional wrestling themes.  The reason for this will become clear when we talk to Zach Mortimer on Wednesday.

Episode 17.1 - Download

0:00 to 0:34 - Pitching Grades
0:34 to 1:04 - Eric Cressey Interview