Monday, June 24, 2013

BlueJaysPlus Podcast Episode 14: All Stars, Bickford, and PED's

Another great show this week, and it will also be my last for a while. Ewan and Chris interviewed Phil Bickford's coach(Tim Penprase), we talked about the Blue Jays potential All-Stars, Ewan ranted about PED's, and we covered a lot more. The transcript of the Penprase interviewed should be posted soon. Enjoy.


Download: Click HERE


0:00-16:00: Who will be sent down to make room for Reyes?
16:01-25:00: All Star Chances
25:01-40:45:Injuries Updates
40:46-48:15: Jamie Evans Signing
48:16-52:25: Bullpen Talk
52:26-1:04:25: PED's
1:04:26-1:16:35: Tim Penprase Interview
1:16:36-End: Week Ahead

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