Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blue Jays Plus Podcast - Episode 15.2

Its a day late, but since we gave you over an hour worth of a quality interview I think we can be excused.

Since we broke the interview off, this episode just features Chris and I talking about...

- the roster moves of the week, featuring us both being confused by many moves.
- an injury update on Sergio Santos, Adam Lind, & Brett Lawrie
- breakdown of the Jays struggles within division
- discussion of the Jays Canada Day uniforms
- analysis of this year's entries into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame (Tim Raines, Tom Cheek, Rob Ducey, George Bell & Nat Bailey)
- and finally our look ahead to the upcoming week.

Music this week
Coming in is the intro to "A Slanted Tone" from the fantastic Canadian hardcore band Fucked Up.  In my opinion their album David Comes Alive from 2011, is in my opinion the greatest album that has been put out this decade.  They manage to blend not only the harsh vocal style of frontman Damien Abraham, but also intricate and wide ranging musicality, which you rarely see in the genre.  I couldn't recommend them enough, even if you dont like punk music (like I dont), they aren't really a punk band, just a great one.

Going out I was planning on using another Fucked Up song, but couldn't choose, so I decided to go with "Top of the World" by west coast rap group The Rascalz, featuring Jamaican legend Barrington Levy.  Just an outstanding track.

Hope you enjoy it.

(Right Click to Download)

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